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Termites can cause devastating damage to homes, so it’s important to act quickly and get control measures in place to protect what matters most. At Local Expert Pros, our experienced technicians provide residential termite inspections to quickly identify the extent of any infestation.

We also provide safe and effective delivery of extermination and removal services. Our termite control company serves homeowners throughout the area looking to protect their property from the costly and detrimental effects of these pests.

Protect What Matters Most With Residential Termite Inspections

Termite infestations can occur in homes of any age and size, regardless of the preventative measures taken. When left untreated, these pests can cause extensive damage to structural wood and drywall which can be costly to repair.

At Local Expert Pros, we use the latest methods and technologies to assess the condition of your home, identify any signs of a current infestation, and aggressively eradicate termites from your property while stopping future infestations.

Our certified technicians perform a thorough and detailed inspection of your home, offering the customized care you need to safeguard your property from termite threats year-round.

What Are Termites? Are There Different Types of Termites?

Termites are small insects that can cause considerable damage to wooden structures, furniture, and other objects. There are various types of these pests, with the two main categories being subterranean and drywood termites.

Subterranean Termites

These small insects live and feed under the ground, often entering homes through cracks in the foundation. Subterranean termites can build small mud tubes as they travel up the sides of buildings, making it harder to detect their presence until it is too late.

Dry Wood Termites

Dry wood termites do not require contact with the ground and can take up residence in furniture and other wooden objects. When their presence is detected, the infestation is quite advanced, making it difficult to treat and eradicate.

A Trusted Leader in Termite Removal/Extermination Services

At Local Expert Pros, we provide thorough termite inspections and safe and effective treatments for infestations and prevention measures for the future.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the peace of mind that only a comprehensive inspection and treatment from a certified and reliable company can offer.

What Are Warning Signs You May Have a Termite Infestation?

As termites are difficult to detect, it is important to be on the lookout for the warning signs of a termite infestation. These signs include mud tubes on the exterior of walls, the presence of shed wings on windowsills and floors, and the presence of visible termites.

Other signs you may have a termite problem include clicking noises coming from the walls, wood that appears to be blistered, or wood that sounds hollow when tapped.

Why Choose Our Pest Solutions’ Experienced Termite Solutions?

When you work with Local Expert Pros, you are choosing a partner that is dedicated to bringing you the best in pest control services. Our experienced technicians deliver meticulous and customized services that are tailored to your unique infestation and home.

We understand how difficult it can be to protect your home from unwanted pests, so let us help you get the peace of mind you need.

Heed These Termite Prevention Tips From Our Termite Company

If you’d like to protect your home from termite infestations, there are some preventative measures you can take. Keep gutters and downspouts clean and clear of debris, fix any water leaks around the house, and keep the foundation clear of vegetation and mulch. It is also important to periodically have your home inspected for any signs of termites.

Contact Us at the First Sign of Termites on Your Property

If you suspect you have termites in your home, contact Local Expert Pros right away. We will quickly diagnose the situation and offer customized pest control solutions to protect your property from the extensive damage termites can cause.

Our experienced technicians can provide you with the comprehensive care you need to safeguard your home and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective treatment for termites?

The most effective treatment for termites is a combination of baiting systems, liquid termiticides, and professional assistance to ensure complete eradication and prevention.

Can you effectively treat termites yourself?

While some DIY methods may help manage a minor termite infestation, it’s strongly recommended to seek professional help to ensure proper treatment and prevention.

How do I get rid of termites permanently?

To permanently get rid of termites, combine professional treatments, regular inspections, proper home maintenance, and the use of both baiting systems and liquid termiticides.

Can I spray for termites at home?

You can use store-bought sprays for minor termite infestations, but professional treatments are more reliable and effective for long-term control.

What do professionals use to spray for termites?

Professionals use powerful liquid termiticides, specifically designed for termite control, such as fipronil, imidacloprid, and permethrin.

What is the home trick for termites?

A home trick for termites is applying a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice to infested areas, but this method is not reliable for long-term treatment and prevention.


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